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Natural & Lab Grown Diamonds from the Diamond Jewelry Experts

Whether you’re looking for a jaw-dropping engagement ring, a gorgeous birthday surprise, an unforgettable holiday gift, or a sentimental way to mark an anniversary, you’ll find the highest quality natural and lab-grown diamonds at Tower of Jewels. Choose from our incredible selection of diamond engagement rings, earrings, necklaces, or collaborate with our diamond jewelry experts and artisans to design a custom piece you won’t find anywhere else.

Custom-Designed Diamond Jewelry

Both natural diamonds and lab grown diamonds can be used in all custom jewelry pieces. At Tower of Jewels our diamond jewelry experts and artists are quite simply the best in the business at creating one-of-a-kind pieces. From helping you select the size, color, and clarity to designing the setting, and creating your piece, custom-designed jewelry from Tower of Jewels is meticulously designed and lovingly crafted to your specific desires.

Enjoy 0% APR for

on all lab grown Diamonds

with only a $1000 minimum and affordable monthly payments.

Lab Grown Diamonds: Luxurious and Environmentally Conscious

Identical to natural diamonds in composition, sparkle, shine, and wow-factor, but at a more affordable price, lab grown diamonds offer all the shimmer and premium quality of mined diamonds with none of the ethical concerns. Lab grown diamonds make spectacular solitaire engagement rings, diamond stud earrings and more. Made using processes that mimic the natural formation of diamonds in nature, lab grown diamonds are authentic diamonds that are graded and may be certified just like natural diamonds.

  • 100% Real Diamonds
  • Conflict-Free Manufacturing
  • Cut & Polished by the World’s Finest Diamond Cutters
  • Diamonds Available in all Sizes, Shapes, Clarity
  • Eco-Friendly Alternative to Mined Diamonds
  • Graded On the Same 4 Cs of Mined Diamonds
  • Typically 40-50% less than Comparable Mined Diamonds

Since 1964 the diamond jewelry experts at Tower of Jewels have offered the most beautiful diamond jewelry in the world. From natural diamond solitaire engagement rings to custom-designed pieces, to the world’s most beautiful lab grown diamonds, our diamond jewelry experts are passionate about helping you select the perfect piece.

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